Some of the key features of the Video creation app platform in this automation world

Video creation application permits its users to record,Guest Posting edit and finally upload their video. The Video sharing application development industry has been around for a while now, and a considerable number of people are currently looking for video creating and uploading solutions through a mobile video editing app to record, edit and share videos.


Where users need to register their account by providing minimal details of theirs. Video sharing application is the platform where you can upload any video of fewer than 60 mins duration. Nowadays, everyone has got into the habit of capturing the best moments text to video of their lives on camera. People are uploading photos anywhere. People have started uploading videos of this photo or any other video. The trend of uploading videos on social media has been going on lately.


The Video sharing application development by swayam Infotech. The app has been given an easy feature to make it easier for any user to understand the app and use it. Users can capture new videos and import them from the gallery as well like festivals, traveling, short news, laughing, and many more.


Here are some key features of a Video sharing application development:



To use the Video creation app platform, a user must register themselves by providing some minimal information about his/her. Aspiring app users can register to the app using their email, full name, and password. So that the user can use this application easily.



Users can create a detailed profile by focusing on their name, password, and theme. The user can view the videos he has uploaded to his profile. Users can add themselves to the Favorite Video Added Favorites list in the profile.


View other people profile

After logging in, users can view other people’s profiles. Users add or share a video. If a user selects another user’s video, the user can add that video to their favorites list. The user can rate another user’s video.


Side menu

Users can easily access the entire application using the side menu. The side menu also offers the option to sign out if the user wants to exit their profile. A very easy and effective way to use whole application features and functionalities with one touch using the side menu.